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The Scoop on Female Condoms

by Jackie Wolfe on March 14, 2014

Most women have probably never tried using female condoms, given the prevalence and availability of male condoms. Many women might not even know what they are, how they work and why you might want to consider trying female condoms. So, we decided to comb through first-hand reviews to give you the scoop on why so many prefer female condoms.

The case for female condoms:

  1. The female condom places control and responsibility in your hands. You can feel empowered for taking the initiative to protect yourself and your partner.
  2. Female condoms can be inserted in advanced- no more ruining the mood by fumbling around for a male condom.
  3. It offers a great alternative to the often loathed male condom. Made of ultra-thin nitrile, female condoms are not as desensitizing as your average male condom, and many couples find they can actually enhance pleasure.
  4. In terms of preventing pregnancy, when used correctly and consistently, female condoms are 95% effective, only slightly less than their male counterparts. Similarly, they are thought to be only slightly less effective than the male condom in protecting against STDs.
  5. They offer a great alternative for people with sensitivities to latex.

Now that you’ve heard some of the advantages, I bet you’re wondering about the downsides. For one, they aren’t as readily available as male condoms. They also tend to be more costly per condom. This is where Pink Apple comes in. You can order our top pick, the Reality Female Condoms FC2, for under $1.40 each online (typically they are $3 each in the drug store) and have them quickly and discreetly delivered to your door, hassle free. So what do you think? Are they worth trying out?

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