Why We Love All Natural Personal Care Products

by Jackie Wolfe on October 15, 2013

Here at Pink Apple, we love so many of the all natural personal care products that are available.  Why do we love these products? For starters, they avoid potentially harmful ingredients, such as:

  • Parabens: Antimicrobials that can be absorbed through the skin that have been linked with cancer, especially breast cancer, endocrine disruption, immunotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity and skin irritation.
  • Artificial fragrances: can cause headaches, cancer, respiratory ailments and is often used as a blanket term for a slew of additional toxins that they do not want to list in the ingredients
  • BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene): A common preservative and fragrance ingredient known to irritate the eyes, skin and lungs and cause organ toxicity, immunotoxicity and allergies
  • Our friends at Blossom Organics have a full list of harsh ingredients here .

All natural products may help if you suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis, and sensitivity. They are created to work with your body’s natural processes to help repair and rejuvenate your skin, and won’t clog your pores. If you are experiencing chronic skin issues, such as redness or irritation, you might think about switching to an all-natural skin care regimen. Aside from you and your health, the chemicals in many popular skin care products have the potential to get into our water and the environment.

By now I bet you’re wondering, what are some of our favorite all-natural personal care products? In terms of lubes, we LOVE any Blossom Organics, Sliquid Natural Organic or Good Clean Love products. GLYDE and Sir Richard’s make amazing vegan condoms, from 100% natural latex (from rubber trees) and they do not test on animals. Intimate Organics has a line of lovely massage oils, fragranced from organic extracts, including aloe and gingerroot. Since most of these products are not sold in your corner drug store, you may want to think about ordering them online. Visit our website for a full selection of natural personal care products.

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