FDA Monitoring Ingredients Found In Beauty Products

by admin on May 22, 2012

While it’s been a long wait here in the United States, it was just announced that the FDA is going to start monitoring the ingredients in your beauty products. A lot of American citizens find it odd that this hasn’t been happening all along. Unfortunately, there are little to no government regulations for cosmetics. Skincare companies have been able to make wild claims about products that were never backed up by science, while adding any ingredients to the products they sell, whether they could be potentially harmful or not. All without repercussions from government agencies. It wasn’t until after many problems started coming to light, and claims started getting filed, that the FDA finally decided to step in and take control.

According to an article on AdvertisingAge.com, there is going to be a big change coming to the beauty biz. The Obama administration’s fiscal 2013 budget includes a proposal for the cosmetics industry to fund enhanced monitoring, which would mean ingredients in our products would have to be registered with the FDA. Knowing that there were no regulations before can definitely make you feel a bit uneasy about what we could have been putting all over our faces and bodies up to this point. The U.S. is the worst country when it comes to banned beauty ingredients, having only 10 compared to 1,200 in Europe. That’s a huge difference!

Since the FDA is getting a better grip on beauty products in the U.S., it could also mean a huge change in beauty advertising as well. The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus could be putting the reigns on crazy beauty ads promising to erase wrinkles in one week or melt away cellulite with a cream. Those claims would actually need to have real scientific studies to back them up. Which for you is a good thing! No more harmful ingredients, and real scientific evidence to back up the product claims in beauty ads. The days of consumers being suckered in by false promises are finally coming to an end!

For more information visit: AdvertisingAge.com and Allure.com

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