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by admin on February 15, 2012

It would seem these last couple weeks that has really caught on. You used to ask, “Are you on Facebook?” or “Do you do Tweet?”. Now all you hear is, “Are you on Pinterest?” Do you love tearing out pictures and/or ideas from magazines? Is your computer desktop filled with images collected from Google images? If so, Pinterest is your dream come true. It’s not only there to help your organize your inspirations from the web, but you can also collect (repin) images from other “Pinners” who have similar interests. To help you get started filling your boards (Pinterest’s virtual filing folders that store and organize your ideas), here are the some top “Pinners” you should definitely check out.

1. Christine Martinez — If you’re looking for a splash of color and some pretty cool quotes and typography, Christina Martinez’s Pinterest page practically pops right out of the screen.

2. Glitter Guide — Flashes of delight. Your guide to fashion, trends, beauty, design, food and culture. (Also check out melaniexeinalem if this is really your style).

3. Inge Falappino — If you love throwing theme parties or like to craft with your kids. You can get inspiration and how-to’s from Falappino’s Party Table Decor or Paper Cone Ideas.

4. Amy Sia — Sia’s content overflows with eye-catching prints and patterns as well as riveting style images sure to spark your imagination.

5. Perfect Palette — If you’re looking for all things wedding related on Pinterest, this is the the first account you’ll want to check out.

6. Maia McDonald — She’s a graphic designer for by day, and uses Pinterest as a creative outlet to expand on her many interests outside of work (check out her food boards: Pizza & Tarts, Pasta, and Breakfast) from the web. (Of course if you just love food, follow the famous Paula Deen.)

7. Jessica Colaluca — She focuses on Color Inspiration. Can’t think of a way to round up random pins that inspire you? Color code them like Jessica’s Shades of Blue and The New Green.

8. fitsugar — A focus on all things fitness and health.

9. Pink Apple Pinterest - We’ve got everything from the products we offer online to all things women’s beauty, health, and the latest trends.

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