Plus vs Thin Models

by admin on January 26, 2012

Over the last week or so an article in PLUS Model Magazine has gone viral and continues to spread into TV news shows and more. So what’s the article you ask? In the January issue, PLUS Model Magazine shows plus size model Katya Zharkova and a straight size model in the nude photographs with statistics about today’s dangerously thin straight size models and the continuously shrinking frames of plus size models.

One of the statistics reads: “Twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8 percent less than the average woman. Today she weighs 23 percent less” and “most runway models meet the Body Mass Index physical criteria for Anorexia.”

PLUS Model Magazine editor, Madeline Figueroa Jones, then published a blog titled “Plus Size Bodies, What Is Wrong With Them Anyway,” which has spread all over the internet. She asked the question why the fashion industry is afraid to cater towards plus size women in their advertising but is willing to accept their money.

Has the fashion industry gone too far with their models? What do you think about the controversy? Would you rather see “regular” sized women in fashion magazines instead of the current trend? How do you think the models of today are effecting how women feel and think about themselves?

Read the January 2012 Issue: PLUS Model Magazine
Read the blog post: Plus Size Bodies, What Is Wrong With Them Anyway

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