Holiday Party Planning Tips

by admin on November 3, 2011

November and December are usually jam-packed full of parties and holiday dinners. Not to mention the added stress if your throwing a party yourself. To help combat the worries around throwing a party, has put together 101 ideas and inspirations for stress-free party planning and hosting. Here are a few we thought to be down right brilliant:

1. Enjoy Your Own Party.
2. Always Have Entertaining Party Games.
3. Avoid planning a party for Saturday. Thursdays are best. Fridays are good.
4. Don’t forget to buy plenty of ice and clean up as you prepare.
5. Serve strong drinks right away: Margaritas, Champagne, or Prosecco. Have non-alchohol alternatives available for drinking, OJ and selzer or ginger ale with a little grenadine.
6. Stock up on Supplies like toilet paper, paper towels or dishtowels, and plenty of trashbags.
7. Get Fresh flowers. Easy arrangments in recycled jars and bottles are impossible to get wrong.
8. Utensil station and easily identifiable drinking glasses.
9. Dog-proof the eating areas to prevent food from going missing. Display food where it’s unreachable to pets–otherwise, you’ll may have an Epic Entertaining Disaster on your hands. Also pick up some pet treats from the store before your big event so your guests don’t feed your pet human food either.
10. Relax!

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