Couples Costumes

by admin on October 27, 2011

Coming up with a costume is really hard work. Now add your boyfriend into the mix and well it could go down-hill real fast. Here is a list of amazingly cute couples costumes you could give a whirl this Halloween and probably win the costume contest!

1. Go Footloose – It’s on the radar right now thanks to the new movie. So pull out some jeans and a rolled-up sleeves white tee and don’t forget his dancing shoes. All you need is a fitted corset top, low-rise jeans and cowgirl boots.

2. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Super easy folks, especially if your guy is not into dressing up for Halloween and oddly tall. Have him wear a basketball jersey and carry a b-ball around. You can dress to the max – think false lashes, lots of eyeliner, tight mini dress, sky high heels and even a long flowing brown wig too if you want.

3. Lady Gaga and Jo Calderone. You have your pick of any of Lady Gaga’s looks. For your guy just think dirty James Dean: greasy black hair, dirty “white” shirt and grimy black jeans. Add some smudge makeup to his face for added effect.

4. Snooki and Deana. Night out with your girlfriend? Sure thing! You’re going to need a serious push-up bra, fur-lined foot-wear that look like small animals. Also you’ll want to invest in a bottle of bronzer, yes a bottle – use it all, heavy eye and lip makeup. And just like Tracy from Jerseylicious would say, “The higher your hair the closer you are to Heaven” – tease away, the puffier the better. Then dance to House Music, not to be confused with Techno.

5. Baby and Johnny Castle. Have your guy throw on a black tee (or tank if he’s confident enough), slacks and black shoes. Baby has a couple more options, for a more casual look, try denim Bermuda shorts, a white cropped top and white tennis shoes. For something a little more class Dirty Dancing, go with a pale pink, flowing, sleeveless dress.

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