10 Beauty Mishaps That Make You Look Older

by admin on August 18, 2011

If you want a younger looking face there are some rules you need to follow when applying your makeup. Top makeup artists have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you make sure your makeup applying techniques are making you look younger, and not older.
Below is a list of Don’ts that all women wanting to look young should keep taped to their bathroom mirror.
1. Heavy Foundation. A full coverage or thick foundation can add years to your skin when what you’re trying to do is cover up those years. In order to avoid the blunder of making wrinkles even more noticeable, wear a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer (such as Origins VitaZing SPF 15, $35), and apply it lightly with a <a href=”http://www.beautyblender.net/“>BeautyBlender</a> or makeup sponge in the areas where you have wrinkles in order to soak up any excess. Also keep your skin hydrated for a fresher, more youthful appearance.2. Too Light Foundation. While trying to avoid that notorious “chin line” you see on women who choose foundation that is much darker than their skin tone, many women can make the mistake of going too light. A foundation that is even a shade or two lighter than your skin will give you a pasty look; go a little bit warmer (not darker) as you get older. Also try a foundation that has luminescent particles like MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation; your skin will look like it’s glowing. 

3. Heavy Concealer. While you may want badly to cover up those dark circles, avoid applying concealer under you eyes or on blemishes that ends up being thick as concrete. Keep it light and always use a brush for application. Also make sure you keep under eye concealer on the dark circles only, and not under your entire eye.

4. Powder on Wrinkles. Only apply powder for shine or oil control on your chin, nose, and forehead, applying it onto your cheeks or entire face can cause it to look dry. 5. Blush on the Apples of Cheeks. Apply your blush onto the highest park of your cheek bones, applying it on the apple of your cheeks (right about your dimples) can draw a lot of attention to sagging skin. A great tip is to Smile! while applying your blush to best find that natural blush line on your upper cheek bones.

6. Migrating Lipstick. Line your lips with a clear lip liner so your lipstick wont bleed into the wrinkles and skin around your lips when applied. This is even a good tip if you wear a dark lip gloss or lip stain.

7. Bright Colors. Steer clear of super bright lipsticks and blush. While the colors are alluring in their bottles and compacts, they attract a lot of attention to the areas they are applied, and should be used sparingly, if at all. For blush a neutral rose shade looks good on everyone, and for lips consider switching from a lipstick to a sheer gloss for a fuller pout.

8. Lower Lash Mascara. Applying mascara to your lower lashes will draw attention to wrinkles and dark circles. Instead, apply a full and thick mascara to your top lashes in the blackest black. Don’t forget to curl your upper lashes as well, lashes that are up and out of your eyes make you look much more awake and vibrant.

9. Eyeliner On Lower Lash Line. The same thing applies to eye liner on your lower lash line, it draws attentions to dark circles and crows feet. Apply it on the upper lids and make the line thicker toward the outer corners like a “cat-eye” to give your eye a more wide open look.

10. Shimmery Shadow. Shimmer is very pretty and keeps eye shadows from looking too stark. However, keep the sparkle and shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes, the center of your lids and just on the brow bones. Anything glittery or shimmery on the outter corners draws attention to wrinkles.

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