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by admin on June 21, 2011

Weather you’re the cute girl in the next cube over, just getting your first big break, or the big lady in charge; there are some simple office codes of conduct you should follow in your beauty routine. Let’s call this one Beauty at Work: 101.

For Starters. Makeup always looks better on moisturized and hydrated skin. Start with a good moisturizer to smooth the surface under your makeup. You can also try a de-puffing regimine in the morning to give your eyes a refreshed look. Try Garnier Skin Renew ANTI-PUFF EYE ROLLER, $11.99 at most drugstores. On the days that your lunch will include a burger with extra onions, put some peppermint lip blam on – it moisturizes, tingles, and helps with fresh breath. Don’t forget to always take a second look at your makeup in natural light before you head out the door to make sure everything is blended and where it should be.

Hair. Above all, you want healthy, shiny hair with a splash of color for the office. Don’t bleach, over process, or highlight heavily as it will lead rough and brittle hair. The new trend of Ombre hair color actually works perfectly for the office because it’s a more natural look. A good piece of advice is to not take tips from Traci on Jerseylicious; overdone and teased looks old fashioned, and sometimes too sexy – so watch the height ladies. Want a frizz-free look? Add a touch of pomade to tame the flyaways on the hairline.

Perfume. Your fragrance can say a lot about your personality. And while you can’t choose your personality, you can choose a perfume. If you tend to like woodsy scents over light and citrus scents, make sure you your perfume sparingly, or see if they have the scent in a lotion for a more work friendly smell. To make sure you don’t overdo your scent spray it in the air and then walk through it so you’re well misted. A big no-no is to reapply at the office; instead use a roller ball, or a solid perfume, your cube neighbors will thank you.

Since there are multiple different work environments, below we’ve covered the different atmospheres and how to make sure you’re beauty regime follows suit.

Corporate America. Opt for a monochromatic face. Use a tinted moisturizer with an illuminating concealer, this will give your skin warm undertones under harsh florescent lights. Apply a neutral blush and lip stain, black or brown mascara, and remember simple is best.

Casual Friday Everyday. A lot of companies are taking it easy when it comes to the dress code now-a-days and are accepting individual style a lot more, and your make up is part of your style. If you’re in a creative environment you can get away with brighter eye colors, a glowing shade on your cheeks and lips, and even add a touch lip gloss in there too.

Working from home. Just because you work in your coveted closet doesn’t mean you should wear PJ’s and no makeup to your desk. Getting ready in the morning gets you into a professional mind-set and ready to work. So instead of rolling out of bed and into your computer chair, take the time to shower and prep like you would if you were going into an office job. You can definitely tone down the amount of prep time by keeping your makeup and hair simple. Put on some colored lip balm, and moisturize your face with lotion or even a tinted moisturizer for added glow. Put your hair up in a bun, that way when you’re ready to go out at night you can just take it down for the instant wavie hair effect.

After Work Drinks. Remove the stress and build-up of the day by tapping illuminate on the brow of your cheekbone. Use a fat pencil or felt eyeliner to get the instant smokey eye-effect – it’s quick and easy and there is no fallout like eyeshadow. Top it off with some volumizing mascara and shiny nude lips. If you’re not into the smokey eye, focus on your lips. Brighten them up with a fun color of bright pink or coral lipstick – which is very hot right now.

Rules of a Manicure. People used to say you shouldn’t do color at the office, but your nail color can really be a conversation piece. Everyone is wearing fun and bright colors this season. Just keep in mind that when sporting some neon pink nails, you want to keep everything else really simple. Also keep in mind that long nails are unprofessional and will hinder you from typing, filing, and pretty much every other work task that requires your hands. The key to wearing color is a short and round nail shape. And bottom line – we all know better than to clip, file, or lacquer at work. (No cube mates want to hear or smell that!) Remember that chipped nails are a disaster, if you’ve got every other nail painted or spots here and there – take it off! Management would rather see clean, bare nails than old cracked nail polish.

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