The Sunscreen Buyers Guide

by admin on June 21, 2011

People are definitely starting to take skin care more seriously, and nothing could be more serious than covering up in the summer with sunscreen. If you want to keep your pretty complexion in the years to come, then what you may not know is that sunscreen is the secret.

Yes we all know sunscreen will keep your skin cancer-free, moisturized, and prevent the appearance of leathery skin years down the road. But sunscreen has come a long way, Some sunscreens now contain ingredients that reverse the signs of aging – that’s totally worth the five minutes you need to apply lotion before hitting the beach. Here’s the low down on what’s new for suncreens.

Natural/Organic – These products go back to the basics for those who are eco-friendly and health conscious, as a lot of sunscreens can contain parabens (toxic preservatives), a variety of harsh chemicals, and ingredients that clog pores.

1. Natures Gate Sunblock Lotion absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. It includes Aloe Vera Extract, Rosehips and Cucumber to help nourish and soothe sun exposed skin.

2. Organics SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen, $32John Masters Organics SPF30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen provides all over skin protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays and contains vitamins and minerals that help hydrate, moisturize and replenish the skin.

3. All Natural Sunscreen 30+ SPF By Soleo Organics, $14Soleo Organics brings you 5.3 oz of all natural sunscreen for only $14. Contains an SPF 30 and was designed as a consumer friendly and safe alternative to synthetic-based sunscreen products.

Fair Skin – If your skin is very fair or pale it’s probably safe to say you’re very sensitive to the sun’s rays. The higher the number of SPF coverage, the better off you are; SPF 15 blocks out 94 percent of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks out 97 percent and SPF 45 blocks 98 percent. To prevent burning opt for a high SPF of at least 45 or higher.

1. Posay La Roche SPF 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Lotion, $21
This La Roche sunscreen product offers high UVA protection down to the cellular level. It’s a synergistic combination of patented high efficiency sun filters and powerful anti-oxidants that further protect your skin. Additional anti-oxidants helps protect skin from environmental aggressors.

2. Banana Boat Sport Performance SPF 85 Sunscreen Spray, $11.99Protect yourself from any angle with Banana Boat’s Ultra Defense Sunscreen SPF 85 Continuous Clear Spray. It provides fast and even coverage for even tough to reach spots. It’s also enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamins A and E, is very water resistant, rub free and dries quickly.

3. Aveeno Sun Hydrosport SPF 85 Lotion, $11.99Aveeno 85 SPF sunscreen is perfect for an active day out. Wear it while playing sports, swimming, hiking, or a day full of walking.

Facial Sunscreen – Keep Your Face Safe. Again for those who have really sensitive pale skin, you should probably wearing sunscreen specifically made for your face as well. Facial sunscreens are often non-comedogenic, aka – won’t clog pores and are less likely to cause breakouts. Sunscreens made specifically for your face also prevent rashes and that greasy feeling associated with many other sunscreens.

1. Blue Lizard Sunscreen SPF 30+, Face 3 oz, $12Blue Lizard Face Suncreen SPF 30+ protects the face against harmful UV rays. It is a non-greasy formula, making it perfect not only for oily skin but all skin types as well.

Sunburnt lips are no fun. Prevent a pouty pucker with an SPF lip balm. Merry Hempster’s are made with certified vegan ingredients, no harmful preservatives and no artificial fragrances. Contains SPF 18.

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