Explained: Gel Nails

by admin on June 21, 2011

Getting a mani/pedi used to be as easy as picking out the nail color you wanted. Now, due to a new technology called Gel Nails, there is an ever growing plethora of nail designs and enhancements for you to select from. A lot of women are still unaware of this new technology, so here’s the scoop.

Gel Nail is a new fresh looking version of the original acrylic (or fake) nails. Gel Nails are made to last for approximately two weeks, and come in designs that you thought were only available to Lady Gaga herself.

The many options and brands available is where women can find themselves unsure of what they should choose. Walking into a nail salon and simply asking for “Gel Nails” will result in a slew of questions to which someone new to the product will not know the answers to. And since it’s the nail technician’s job to make money, they might not give you the type of detailed information you deserve to know.

There are quite a few types of gel; Traditional Clear & French Tip Gel, OPI Axxium Gel, CND Shellac, Harmony Gelish, and CalGel. For a more detailed list we’ve included a link below to Stylelist.com where they have complied a wonderful little chart that includes the many types of gels available, along with the pros and cons and even things to watch out for when you ask for gel.

So if you’re ready to make the switch to the amazing no chip, glossy finish of gel nails, head on over and see what you like best! Behind the Polish: Gel Nails Explained. Also check out before and after of Shellac nails, CND Shellac 14 Day Manicure – I Tried It!.

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