Long Nails and Python Pedicures

by admin on June 15, 2011

From insanely creative manicures, stick-on with flashy designs, nail polish shades to die for and cracked topcoats from Katy Perry and Pirates of the Caribbean OPI collections, nails have been major attention. You could say it started with Lady Gaga and her seriously long and always bedazzled nails but no matter where it come from it’s definitely on trend for Spring and Fall. It just might be time to throw out the nail clippers and invest in some extra polish.

This spring’s color blocking and fall’s metallic shades can both be styled right onto your nails. And with this new trend of having extra-long finger nails, you can stand out more stunningly than ever.

Now that we’ve got our finger nails covered, would you pay $300 for a pedicure? Yeah – me either. However there are some ladies who are paying it to have Terri Silacci, owner of a salon in Monterey, California, apply real snakeskin to their toenails. Discovered by Vogue’s Sarah Brown found out just how Silacci does this delicate process.

This is how it works: “The delicate, almost transparent skin, which looks like very finely embossed parchment, was kindly donated by a four-foot-long female python who shimmied out of it one day, the natural shedding process for snakes as they grow. “Talk about renewable resources!” said Silacci as she laid small, textured pieces from the glossy, tube-like swath—meticulously hand-cut to fit the shape and size of each nail—on my toes between a thick layer of instant-drying gel base color (a deep blue called On the Dark Side) and a chip-resisting clear sealant. “Small snakes are usually my favorite. You get a lot more detail per square inch,” she mused, picking up a very fine artist’s brush, dipping it in a small pot of my accent shade (a metallic gray called Golden Silver), and tracing the ridges of the pattern to give “the outline of the snake some color.” Then she sealed me up with another coat of bulletproof clear and scooted my feet under a UV lamp for several minutes.” – by Vogue’s Sarah Brown

There you have it – no animals harmed. Will you be trying any of these trends for summer or fall this year? Let us know! Post pictures on Facebook too!

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