Girlfriends On Good Behavior

by admin on May 10, 2011

So you think you know everything there is to be a good girlfriend right? Maybe you’ve got all the golden rules down, like telling him how amazing he is and letting him have guys nights out without complaining about it. However, there are a few things that might not be as easy to pick up on; so we’ve taken the time to give you some tips that will boost you into the best-girlfriend-ever category!

Hang Out With His Friends – If his friends invite you both over to watch the big game, play Rockband or just hang out; take the opportunity to get to know his friends better. Be confident and cool. Don’t cheer at the top of your lungs, chug beer or let your mouth go uncensored. You don’t want his friends to regret inviting you over, or your boyfriend to regret bringing you.

Giving Gifts – Whether it’s his birthday, the holidays, or you just want to get your boyfriend something spur of the moment; make sure the gifts you get him are both something he wants and needs. Get him tickets to his see his favorite team or band. Don’t get him a sweater or clothing (unless he asks for or hints towards them) – you don’t want to be associated with being a bad gift giver do you?

Text Messaging – If you had the best night ever with your boyfriend last night, let him know! Send a simple text message: “Last night was amazing. Repeat 2night?” Keep it short and sweet. Also try not to send him lengthly texts about how much you hate your boss or how you’re having the worst day ever. Save the venting for your girlfriends.

Meeting the Parents – If you’re both ready for the next step to meet his parents for the first time then make sure you take the time to show them that you were looking forward to meeting them. If you’re dining at their house then take something homemade, such as cookies or a dessert to share. Don’t bring anything too pricey though, as you want to appear genuine, not trying too hard to impress.

Vacation – Get out and do something! Go to the beach or the mountains; some place that requires the two of you to get out and enjoy yourselves – think of it as an adventure! Stay away from Bed and Breakfasts with nothing to do for miles. This can lead to a boring getaway that will make you both lazy and sleepy the entire vacation.

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