First Date Tips and Dating Ideas

by admin on March 21, 2011

So just met the guy of your dreams at the gym, online or even through your best gal-pal, and now it’s time to take it to the first date. Most guys settle for the dinner-and-a-movie first date night and there is really nothing wrong with it. It’s been tested. It’s easy. However, if you really looking for “the one” try out these 10 tips for first dates and you can’t go wrong.

1. Keep it Short – Try meeting for coffee, or a quick snack, you’d be surprised how much you can learn about someone in 30 minutes to an hour. Then you’re not stuck through a whole evening of dinner and movie with someone you’re just not clicking with.

2. Pick a Perfect Place – I like bowling – it takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to bowl a couple of games. It’s fun, competitive, and you can eat pizza and drink beer. Try to choose someplace where you can make the meeting short enough that if you need to make a run for it you can, or if you like it – move onto something else fun.

3. Play it Safe – This is a must especially if you’re meeting someone from online. Drive yourself but do tell a friend and check in afterward. Stay sober and keep the date in a public place.

4. Bring a Good Attitude – Be excited about the evening and don’t dwell on everything going wrong in your life. It’s a sure way to not get a second date.

5. Be Yourself – If you agree to a rock climbing date, make sure you can actually climb a rock and enjoy it. Don’t be who you think he wants you to be.

6. Watch your Wardrobe – Keep it appropriate to where you going for your date. If your going to be walking a lot you probably don’t want to wear your sky high heels just for the sake of looking cute – being in pain is not cute.

7. Be a Good Listener – Really listening to what he’s sharing with you, also pay attention to body language. It can tell you a lot about how your dating is going.

8. Ask Instead of Prying – You can learn a lot by asking polite questions such as: What’s your favorite vacation spot? Where would you like to travel to next? What’s favorite new restaurant in town?

9. Maintain the Mystery – Don’t tell him you want bone colored china and at least 5 babies. You want to intrigue him, not scare him away. The idea of a first date is to enjoy yourself and the rest will come later.

10. Keep an Open Mind – It’s true you may have thought he was Mr. Everything at first but sometimes sparks don’t fly, in which case you may have met a great new friend. And he just might know someone who’s perfect for you.

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