Your Prenatal Health: Four Steps To Take Now

by admin on February 28, 2011

This is a guest blog entry about prenatal health from Skyword for Pampers Village.

Your Prenatal Health: Four Steps to Take Now

Are you thinking about becoming pregnant? After talking with my OB about starting a family, there were a couple things he really stressed to me. He told me that my prenatal health was very important, and if there were any changes I was going to make, I should make them before conceiving. He told me that there were some things I could do now to ensure better prenatal health for the growth and development of my baby.

Step 1: Start taking a prenatal vitamin. I learned that you don’t have to be pregnant to start taking these vitamins. I started taking a daily prenatal vitamin as soon as I began trying for a baby. You can get prenatal vitamins over the counter or by prescription from your doctor. It is important to first talk to your doctor and get the green light before taking any nutritional supplements. 

Step 2: Lower your stress level: I struggled with this piece of advice. I am a high-strung person who always seems to find something to worry about. My doctor informed me that stress can complicate my prenatal health. Once I became pregnant, I didn’t want my stress to have an adverse effect on my baby. For the sake of my baby and myself I tried to relax as much as possible and not get too hyped up over the small stuff.  It was definitely easier said than done, but just being aware of my stress level helped. I tried to make small lifestyle changes and take a little “me” time every single day. Whether that was watching my favorite television show or taking a walk, I made sure that during this time I ignored my phone, closed the door, and decompressed for a bit.

Step 3: Keep moving.  I walked as many days as I could both before and during my pregnancy to stay active. Even though I wasn’t going far, I was keeping the blood moving. A daily walk helped me feel better both physically and emotionally. You don’t have to be a professional athlete or a marathon runner during your pregnancy to stay active. (As always, check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.)

Step 4: Don’t smoke. I’m lucky in that I didn’t have to take this step, as I already was a nonsmoker. If you do smoke, you probably know how difficult quitting can be, but the rewards are immediate and lasting. Talk to your medical provider about how to begin the process of quitting. He or she may be able to provide you with some tips and support to help you take this big step.

Once your baby is born your life will change. Your whole life will revolve around this little pooping and eating machine. (And take it from me: You will love every minute of it.) I knew that taking steps before and during my pregnancy to maximize my prenatal health would not only benefit me, but my baby too. Good luck!

Jennifer Sadler functions best in organized chaos. She describes motherhood as the most challenging and fulfilling experience of my life to date. Jenni blogs at, a site where moms connect to share their thoughts about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Check out her latest article, The Land of Diaper Bags.

Pink Apple Admin– This post is by a guest blogger. The views expressed are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of Pink Apple or employees. Any medical references are opinion only. Please consult with your physician when making decisions regarding your health and pregnancy options.

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