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by admin on January 27, 2011

Did you know if you are larger than a 34 inch hip you are considered “Plus-Size” in the fashion industry? Which pretty much means if you larger than a size 4, I wouldn’t make any plans on becoming a super model any time soon. Now in the real world for us normal folks, we generally consider Plus Size to be a size 18 or larger. If this is the case for you, have you had the hardest time finding clothes that you actually liked, fit you correctly and above all comfortable and trend worthy? Most of the clothes offered are way to baggie, made for someone older, or seriously over priced. You my friend are now in luck! Times are changing all the way from the top. Even JimmyChoo has featured Plus Size model Crystal Renn as the new face of JimmyChoo. This means Plus Sized women no longer have to search and search for on trend clothing at an affordable price, or even at a high-end designer price.

Here are some wonderful on trend Plus Size clothing sites (other than Lane Bryant):

Anna Scholz – A London, UK company that offers “curvaceous couture” in sizes 12-28 (UK) but can be purchased in the US by visiting her website. Anna Scholz is very high-end and has a high price point but usually worth the investment (you get what you pay for). There is a 70% off sale currently going on right now.

ASOS Curve- Another UK based company but available to the US through their website. ASOS offers both regular sized clothing and Plus Size clothing with their brand ASOS Curve. If your looking for the current trend in fashion but only in a Plus Size – this is the site to go to. ASOS has a High-Mid price point but they have AMAZING sales.

Carmakoma – Carmakoma is “Fabulous Plus Size Clothing & Fashion for Curvy Women.” (US 12-22) They have all the clothing and fashion you never thought would be available in your size. Just wait until their spring line comes out – learn all about it at Plus Size Blog Stylish Curves.

Lucie Lu – Lucie Lu’s goal is to “drive her brand with style rather than size.” Its full of very feminine details on every piece. Ruffles and lace are everywhere, and her dresses are to die for. Lucie Lu is at a very reasonable price point and should be in every curvy girl’s closet.

Forever 21+ – Forever 21+ (formally known as Faith21) is just like the real Forever 21 and is also available in store as well as online. There is a variety to choose from but nothing like the variety of regular Forever 21. I do think they will expand more if there is a high enough demand. They have a low price point and offer sizes 1X-3X.

and to name a few more…
Eliza Parker
One Stop Plus
City Chic Online
Monif C
Lane Bryant

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