Toss Out the Skinny Jeans!

by admin on January 7, 2011

Finally, skinny jeans have reached their peak and are moving on out. So if you were one of those people painting on your skinny jeans, you can slowly toss them out and move on more figure flattering styles like wide-leg jeans, flares, and bell-bottoms. Because the 70s are back and are getting a new reinterpretation for 2011.

Stores like Gap are starting to offer shoppers something new in the denim department. Check out their new High Rise Trousers and the Sexy Boot Jean. Each of these styles channels the ’70s, when waistbands sat higher on the body and leg openings were much more generous. You can wear these style of pants with anything from flip-flops to fitted button-down blouses.

Are you ready to give up your now un-cool skinnies?

Check out for a full list of fashion tends we can welcome in this year.

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