How To Use Contraceptive Foam, Jelly, and Spermicide

by admin on October 21, 2010

A popular but often under-utilized or mis-understood form of birth control are contraceptive foams, films, gels, and spermicides. These methods are a great way for women to take control of their sexual health and pregnancy prevention.

Contraceptive foam is a birth control method used to prevent pregnancy. Foam is not approved as a way to prevent the spread of STD’s/STI’s so it’s important to know your partner before using this form of birth control.

Most contraceptive foam comes with an applicator, the contraceptive foam itself, and a set of directions. Since each manufacturer may have a specific way to use their product, be sure to always read the instructions to ensure optimal performance.

Now let’s learn how to use the product. Contraceptive foam comes in a can and should be shaken thoroughly to ensure it does not come out of the can in a watery form. The foam should be thick so shake several times, or as directed by the manufacturer, to activate the foam.

Women can position themselves in various ways to apply the product. You could try standing with one leg on the toilet or chair. The best way may be laying flat on your back on a bed or floor. It provides more comfort and better access to the vagina.

Here’s where reading the manufacturer instructions are very important. When applying the product, be sure to know exactly how much you should be using. Some manufacturers require one full application while others may require partial or multiple applicators to work correctly. Insert the applicator as close to the cervix as possible and empty the applicator so the foam enters the vagina.

Contraceptive foam, gel, vaginal spermicides, spermicidal applications and various other products are applied in a similar fashion. Always be sure to check the manufacturer instructions to receive the best possible protection during unprotected intercourse.

Some of the most popular vaginal contraception include Gynol, VCF, Gynol 2, Today Sponge (Is he Sponge worthy?), and various other manufacturers. You can buy contraceptive foam, contraceptive inserts, spermicide jelly, and other birth control options at Pink Apple.

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