Summer Sun Skin Safety Tips

by admin on June 24, 2010

We’re in the peak summer season and now is the time to protect your skin from the summer heat. Several simple steps can help keep your skin looking great while protecting you from skin cancer and other issues down the road.

Check out these summer sun skin safety tips:

1. Try to avoid being in the sun between 10am-3pm. This is the time when the rays are the strongest and staying indoors can go a long way in skin safety.

2. Wear protective clothing when you’re in the sun. Pants, long sleeves, and a wide brimmed hat are great ways to protect your skin. If these items are too uncomfortable, search for special sun protective clothing which are specially designed to protect from UV rays while keeping you cool and comfortable.

3. Use sunscreen. Put sun screen on 30 minutes before you go out and be sure to reapply every couple hours. If you go swimming, or are sweating profusely, be sure to reapply then as well.

4. Be sure to wear cosmetics and skincare products that are specially formulated for UV protection. Sunglasses and contact lenses with UV protection are a must as well.

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