How To Get Out A Stuck Tampon and Symptoms

by admin on April 23, 2010

The experience can be frightening when you first realize you have a tampon stuck in you. As scary as it may seem, it’s not an uncommon occurrence especially with younger women and girls. Tampons have been stuck inside for days and weeks in some cases. Follow these steps to learn more about the symptoms and how to deal with it should this problem happen to you.

Tampon stuck symptoms can very with every woman but in any case, it will be noticeable by one symptom or another at some point in all women. Abdominal discomfort and pressure are two of the most common. Vaginal discharge with a foul odor may also occur. Pelvic pain and fever are rare symptoms and may be a sign of toxic shock syndrome. Toxic Shock Syndrome is a potentially deadly disorder if untreated and if you think you have TSS see a doctor immediately. Symptoms of TSS include a rash that looks like a sunburn, watery diarrhea, light-headedness, sudden high fever, and headaches or muscle aches.

Now that we know some symptoms, lets discuss some ways to remove a stuck tampon. We’ll do a quick step-by-step instruction to make it easy to follow along:

1. Be sure to wash your hands prior to retrieving the stuck tampon.
2. While sitting on a toilet, prop your feet up and bear down as if you’re trying to have a bowel movement. This first step can sometimes force the tampon out immediately.
3. If the tampon hasn’t been forced out, insert our finger into your vagina as far as possible and again bear down to force it closer to your fingers. Most tampons are stuck between the cervix and vagina so be sure to run your fingers in a circular motion in this region to potentially force it out. Once found, secure the tampon between two fingers and slowly remove it.
4. If you’re unable to retrieve it, try soaking in a bathtub to get the tampon wet. A dry tampon may be more difficult to retrieve and wetting it may force it out without having to run through steps 2 and 3.
5. Finally, if you are unable to remove the tampon within 15 minutes or so, see your doctor. A stuck tampon can cause infection and a doctor will be able to quickly and easily remove it without issue.

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