December: AIDS Awareness Month

by admin on December 4, 2008

December is AIDS awareness month, and while HIV and AIDS haven’t been as in the forefront of the media as in the past AIDS,  is still a deadly force in our world.  The last comprehensive survey, conducted in 2006 by the Center for Disease Control, estimates that 436,693 people in the United States are living with AIDS. What’s more, 36,828 individuals represented newly reported cases.  14,016 Americans died as a result of the AIDS virus in 2006, and while the statistics have shown minor improvements in recent years, continued education, testing and access to preventative contraceptives are essential to decreasing new diagnoses.

Despite the best efforts of organizations all over the globe, people are still having unprotected sex and increasing their chances of contracting the AIDS virus. It is imperative that organizations have funds to educate and protect people.  Consider donating to your local AIDS organization- even if you don’t have funds many organizations can always use volunteer time to compile mailers or answer phones.

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