‘Personal Lubricant University’

by admin on September 24, 2008

When I joined the PinkApple family over three years ago, I was amazed at the world of products that I had never known existed- and part of the reason we wanted to start blogging was to educate our readers and shoppers about these products.  This week, we will explore personal lubricants.  Hopefully you’ll be able to learn something new, and perhaps find a product to enhance your sex life as well.

Water Based Lubricants:

  • The majority of lubricants you encouter will be water based.
  • They are often most recommended by doctors and health clinics
  • Most feel “thin” to watery during use and more tacky when dry
  • Easily cleaned up with water
  • Major brands include: KY, Astroglide and ID Lubes
  • Moderately priced and easily found in stores

Silicone Lubricants:

  • Created from dimethicone- typically used to treat skin conditions so if you have sensitive skin, this product could be great for you
  • Has a velvety consistency and feel
  • Does not wash away easily with water and is very long lasting.  On the negative side, it can be difficult to wash off sheets and furniture if spilled, so use cautiously.
  • Because silicone does not break down easily in water, can be used in showers and baths
  • Great as a skin moisturizer and for massages
  • Common Brands include: Wet Platinum, Eros and ID Millennium
  • Moderate to ‘expensive’ in price, but much longer lasting so the value is equal to that of water based lubricants.
  • Somewhat more difficult to find at the local drug store, but increasing in popularity

Some manufactures even suggest using their silicone lubricants on the bottom of sleds and toboggans in the winter months to enhance your winter sporting fun- a win/win situation!

Oil Based Lubricants:

The best way to describe oil based lubricants is to mention Petroleum Jelly or Mineral Oil.  Oil Based Lubricants are thinned down versions of these products.  Obviously these lubricants are very “slippery” and long lasting.  However,  PinkApple does not currently offer any brands of Oil Based Lubricants as they are NOT safe for use with latex condoms.  Latex is easily broken down by the properties of oil based lubricants, and to avoid any confusion to our customers, we have decided not to offer oil based lubes at this time.

There are also many many varieties of flavored lubricantswarming lubricants you can experiment with!  It’s best to try many different types until you find one (or more!) that meet your specific needs.  You may be surprised at what you discover.

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