Next best thing since “The Pill”…

by admin on July 31, 2008

Some of our best selling products have always been Spermicidal Contraceptive Foams. While these products are a great option in contraceptive freedom for women everywhere, they are best used in monogamous relationships since they provide no protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections. Well Ladies, there is a revolutionary product on the way that will change the face of birth control forever. Instead Sciences, Inc are in the process of completing clinical trials on a gel they’re calling Amphora.

Amphora is designed to coat the walls of your vagina preventing transmission of diseases and infections while maintaining that Oh-so-sensitive pH balance that is often disturbed with harsh spermicides and latex products. The best part?? It doubles as a contraceptive gel as well, prohibiting sperm from moving through the vaginal walls towards the cervix. Equally impressive, Amphora can be inserted over the cervix with a comfortable device (think diaphragm) as many as 12 hours before intercourse. It’s still too soon to tell, but trails are taking place now to evaluate if Amphora could even protect us against HIV/AIDS.

Currently, manufactures are hoping to have this on the shelves for us as early as 2011, but we can all agree that it’s worth the wait for such sexual freedom and protection.

If you’re interested in the more intimate details check out these links and let us know what you think:

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