What IS Pink Apple?

by admin on July 14, 2008

Pink Apple was founded in 2005 as the female answer to our brother site, Undercover Condoms.  We wanted to give women their own store- where they could browse female health products- from tampons to pregnancy tests and back.

Now we’re starting our Pink Apple Blog- a site for information about fertility, relationships and sexuality. We’ll keep you updated about new products and any other new, exciting information that crosses our desks. We’ll review our books for sale, so you can decide before you buy. Ever wonder if the vibrating condom ring really IS that amazing? We’ll share and review our favorite products. You can also look forward to special sales just for our blog readers.

Most of all we hope you’ll chime in. Let us know what topics you’d like to see here, and especially any new products you’d like to see added to our page. We want to get to know our customers better, and hope you’ll get to know Pink Apple too!

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